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We know owners have questions.

How far in advance should I list my rental home?

We can advertise your home as early as you are comfortable with, but generally suggest marketing 60 days prior to your desired move out date. Once the home is listed online, we will install a sign in the yard and begin coordinating in-person tours. 

How much do you charge to rent my home?

Our management fees are a percentage of the monthly rent you receive. This means you will not be charged while your home is vacant and you will not charged if your tenant fails to pay rent.

What should I do to get my home ready to rent?

Presenting your home in the best condition will get you the best rental price possible. It is always a good rule of thumb to make sure that everything in the home is functioning properly and that you take care of any overdue cleaning of the interior and exterior. We will also visit your home and let you know what items we think need special attention.

Will I be notified of repairs done to my property?

Every time a repair is requested at your property you will receive an email notification. You will also have 24/7 access to an online Owner Portal that will allow you to look at any details of the repairs and view a copy of the final invoice. Repair costs can be paid separately via owner contributions or you can have the costs deducted from the following month's rent.

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